Ok, so I wrote an article for http://www.doctorfantastiques.com about what is steampunk.  I thought I had done a decent job, but thought many of the people who I shared it with weren’t really as enthusiastic about it as they seemed.  I mean they were my friends, right?  They HAVE to say nice things, right?  Well, the article goes live, and people I don’t know as well enjoyed it.  And then, TorSteampunk makes a comment on it on their twitter and facebook.  Now, that really got my attention.

(edit: I suppose I should share the link in question… LOL.   My article on What is Steampunk? posted to the Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders: http://www.doctorfantastiques.com/syferlockessteampunk.htm)

Never have I had writing of mine so well recieved, nor that widely promoted.  I don’t know exactly what to feel about it.  A bit nervous, VERY excited, and wondering if I am dreaming.  Then there is something else that I am not sure if I can talk about openly yet, but as soon as I know I can, I will.  A lot.

Add to that a curious message on Facebook.  From someone in charge over at UltimaCon2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is a very flowery and cordial invitation to an event over a year away still.  I will be investigating this closer to find out why I was contacted, exactly, but with the scheduled appearance of Airship Isabella, I will make every effort to attend.

I mean it might not be anything but spreading the word.  But it might also be a chance to sell myself.  To speak on behalf of the Starving Steampunk Foundation, or perhaps even to fence.

I will keep you all posted on what I manage to plunder.